About Us

Mermer Imperijal is a family business established in Prilep, Macedonia in the year 2010. It started as a small capacity for processing travertine and Bianco Sivec marble got directly from the quarries located about 10km from the plant. During the years, our hard work, working philosophy and investment in the business enabled us to grow and expand.

Nowadays, our large and modern production facilities and equipment allow us to fulfill the needs of big and complex projects and to be very competitive player on the market of Bianco Sivec marble suppliers. We are also distinguished suppliers and contractors for travertine projects throughout Balkans. The proximity to the port of Thessaloniki, Greece (around 200 km), which is used as the main logistics hub, allows us distribution of our materials to all the continents.

Company Philosophy

Honesty and reliability

The core value of our philosophy is our open approach. We believe that to be successful in the business world one has to have respectful and honest treatment of the customer. Keeping a word and don’t letting the trust fade is the key to mutual satisfaction and long term partnership.  You can find in us your honest and reliable partner.

Customized approach

We approach every customer personally. We try to find the best solution that will satisfy customer’s needs and that will work for him/her. We want our customer to leave satisfied and to come back again. Loyal and returning customer is the best customer.

Value for money

We offer you value for your money. We stand by you from the very initial moment to consult you about the most appropriate material and the quantity for your project. Being located next to the quarry, we can choose the most quality material available for you. Then, we do the processing, incorporating your needs, our experience, knowledge, equipment and experienced staff.  Transportation is done in the shortest time possible everywhere in the world.

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